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Cursive Lowercase Practice Pages

Cursive Lowercase Practice Pages

This e-book offers pages for practice of lowercase cursive letters on the touch screen of your tablet device: iPad, Galaxy or Surface Pro with the new Adobe Reader DC or several alternative apps for annotation of PDF files. Students can learn to...


Learn Cursive Step-By-Step, Lesson 4

Learn Cursive Step-By-Step, Lesson 4

The document contains pages for use during video lesson, "Learn Cursive Step-By-Step #4." You will receive an email with links to download. Use PayPal for automatic response.

Learn Cursive Step-By-Step, Lesson 7

Learn Cursive Step-By-Step, Lesson 7

This file brings printable lesson sheets for student use with the Learn Cursive Step-By-Step Lesson #7.


Practice Page Image

Pages designed for touch-screen tablets: iPad, Galaxy (Android) or Windows Surface, transform your tablet screen into handwriting practice pages. Model pages provide capital and lowercase print letters in Peterson Color/Rhythm. Model page is...

Try 8 Grippers

Picture of eight different pencil grippers

 One of each:  the Pencil Grip, the Pencil Grip Jumbo, the Bumpy Grip, the Crossover Grip, EZ Grip, Solo Grip, Stetro Grip and regular Triangular Grip.

Thank you for visiting our web store. For background and how-to infomation, please visit our main web site. You will find access to an amazing amount of help. The movement-based strategy behind the Peterson Method is unique and very effective. Please do not hesitate to call us if you would like to disucss the strategy and why it is successful where others fail.