Teacher Training, On Line, Building Subscription

A web page guides your trainee through an independent learning process that introduces the movement-based strategy for instruction, guides self improvement of modeling skills, introduces an evidence-based process for both needs identification and self-evaluation as well as a sensible, time-efficient technique for student evaluation and critical thinking. Special tools for assessment of needs are provided and your learner is given the opportunity to learn how to use them as the training progresses. A subscription includes as many live sessions as you care to request. The goal is to develop three key teaching skills: 1. How to include fluent movement as a goal in three kinds of lessons - Pattern development, Practice to improve control of fluent movement and Application of fluent movement. 2. How to use an evidence-based process to guide development of specific skills. 3. How to teach children to self-evaluate their handwriting product for legibility. The learner is offered the option to pursue the learning informally or take part in a formal endorsement process.
Teacher Training, On Line, Building Subscription
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