Cursive_Step_1 (Individual License)

Cursive Step One provides 81 pages including teacher information. PRACTICE pages provide models and practice space. LEARN pages provide huge color/rhytm models for finger-tracing as the technique for teaching the movement sequence. The pages in each section are presented alphabetically to make it easy for you to correlate the physical patterning for letter production into the sequence of your reading readiness program.

The Color/Rhythm movement models exaggerate the production process making it easier to establish correct start point, direction and sequence. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN TRACE MODELS WITH A PENCIL OR CRAYON. Pay close attention to the PROCESS (start point, direction of movement and stroke sequence). Initially, correct process is more important than accuracy of the product.

Teach the student to hold the page in writing position and use the pointer finger to trace the movement model. Action words allow you to include rhythmic movement as a goal in each exercise session. Chant the Action Words, Count or Colors aloud and move with the voice. The challenge to move smoothly with the vocal when finger-tracing, air-writing and with the pencil on the practice page, greatly enhances the internalization process.

Chant and write huge letters in the air with various muscle groups for initial gross patterning and to get the students moving with the voices. Finger-trace the movement model again. Then pick up the pencil to Write And Say on the practice page. The goal is to move the pencil with the voice. The voices indicate that the child is practicing the right kind of movement.

When the child is unable to chant as strokes are produced, it indicates the child is looking at the pencil as it creates the trace. To move smoothly, the child must learn to look ahead to goals within the sequence. The color separations in the movement models enhance that learning. Control of fluent movement improves with rhythmic practice resulting in more accurate product. Independent practice rarely includes smooth movement as a goal. Until the patterns are well established, practice must be “directed” to include the fluency challenge. It is that challenge that enhances internalization.

Cursive_Step_1 (Individual License)
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