Shirley's Book # 4

The PDF file will open with, and print from, Acrobat Reader. The book offers 43 black-line worksheet pages. Each worksheet offers a four-line, seasonal poem at the top with lines and spaces for writing at the bottom. The model poems are beginning-cursive size (tall letters two spaces - vowel-size parts one space).

The pages are 8.5 by 11 inches ruled the short way. Line sets are solid top and baseline with dashed midline and decender space. This is designed for gross-motor size practice. The models are designed to present a spacing challenge to beginners.

You can page through the book by visiting the E-Workbook Review page on the main web site. Look for: Products in the purple frame on the left, > Computer Tools > E-workbooks.

Page image shows a sample poem and page layout.
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