Yes, You Can Teach Cursive (Teacher Handbook E-Book)

The movement-based instruction guided by this manual can be used to introduce cursive handwriting to entry level children or to improve fluency with cursive for students of any age. Recent motor research has revealed information about motor learning that greatly simplifies instruction.

The lessons correlate with our regular pupil books and the e-workbooks. The lesson procedure and sequence is movement based and includes fluent movement from the start. Teach cursive first or repair cursive skills to improve fluency and legibility at the same time.

The lesson procedure can easily be used to teach the forms in the sequence of your reading readiness program to enhance internalization of the forms as they are introduced. Then use the lesson sequence to conduct regular, practice exercises to improve fluency and control to maximize legibility in application. Take the exercies strategy into your spelling and vocabulary work to greatly enhance learning and transfer to composition.

This e-book is printable using Acrobat Reader, version 7 or higher or Preview on Mac computers.

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