Cursive Lessons On Line

The lesson materials document is a printable e-book offering instructions for you and pages that can be used by the student during a live, on-line lesson or work to follow up on Step-By-Step Cursive Video lessons. The materials kit offers pages for practice of multiple lowercase cursive letters. You will receive an auto-generated message offering a link to download the lesson packet. This packet is also for those who would like to have a Peterson specialist teach a demonstration lesson on cursive handwriting in our on-line classroom. The lesson will be held using our on-line classroom. You will need speakers to hear the specialist who will lead the lesson using VoIP. If you have a headset or microphone, you can request a microphone connection that will allow you and your student to talk with the specialist during the lesson. The student will be asked to write during the lesson, so you should arrange the area to allow for use of paper and pencil while watching the computer screen and listening to the instructor. You should oversee and assist the child during the lesson. The experience will equip you to continue instruction using the procedures demonstrated by the specialist. The kit provides instructions and contact information so you can schedule your lesson. You will be invited to come to the classroom in advance of the lesson to learn about the interface and test the connections.

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