We Write To Read Teacher Handbook Grade 2, Cursive Readiness

The We Write To Read series has been in continuous use in schools since 1972. A daily sequence of short lesson plans are designed for a typical classroom schedule. The initial unit of instruction uses print letters to guide mastery of handwriting position skills as readiness for cursive. Pupils learn to use cursive position and muscles to write print letters. You see the result of learning as print forms slant forward and much improved fluency emerges. Then basic cursive strokes lead to letters and words. All cursive forms are introduced at gross motor size. Students continue to use print for applied work while handwriting lessons answer the burning desire to learn cursive. Your students will be writing simple cursive words in the second unit of instruction.

ISBN 1890666319

A new e-book teacher manual for cursive is also available. It is designed for learning support, tutors and home schools where remediation or instruction in small groups can progress more rapidly. See "Yes, You Can Teach Cursive."

We Write To Read Teacher Handbook Grade 2, Cursive Readiness
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